Domodedovo is the largest and the most perspective airport in Russia. There is a four-star hotel complex and onboard catering service factory at the airport. The airport terminal has one common check-in area. International arrivals area is located in the left wing of the airport, while in the right one there are arrivals from Belarus and domestic arrivals area. Departures areas are organized in the similar way: domestic flights and flights to Belarus depart from the right wing while international destinations - from the left one. Continue...

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Class "A" airport, it is situated in 28 km from Moscow. There are two take-off and landing strips. Handling capacity is 2100 passenger per hour. There are 5 terminals: B, C, D, E, F. Terminal E is located in the northern part of Sheremetyevo Airport and it is mainly servicing business aviation boards, as well twenty two remote counters of Western sector of Terminal B serve the same purpose. Continue...


Domodedovo Airport (DME)

Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO)

Vnukovo is one of the largest airports in Russia. It is located 28 km far from Moscow. There are two take-off and landing strips. The airport works 24 hours a day. Handling capacity of Vnukovo airport is 1380 passengers per hour for domestic flights and 2300 for international ones. Vnukovo airport is comprised of passenger terminal A, B, D and a separate VIP-hall. Continue...


Barcelona has a good flight connection with Moscow with frequent daily flights between the two cities. There are four airlines offering direct connection: Aeroflot, Vueling, Ural Alirlines, Transaero, Iberia and VIM Airlines. The departure / arrival airports, times and flight duration can be found here. Continue...


Vnukovo Airport (VKO)

Flights From Barcelona

From Paris there are very frequent flights to Moscow with daily direct services. There are three airlines offering direct flights to Russia’s capital city: Aeroflot, KLM and AirFrance, the details about departure airports, time/arrival times and duration can be found here. Continue...


Flights From Paris

Flights From Rome

There are daily direct flights from London to Moscow with several airlines, Aeroflot, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic (flights operated by Transaero Airlines) and the low cost Easyjet offer frequently flights between the two cities. The departure / arrival airports, times and flight duration can be found here. Continue...


Flights From London

Direct Flights to Moscow from:
Moscow to Minsk.....59€
London to Moscow.....221€
Paris to Moscow.....214€
Frankfurt to Moscow.....209€
Rome to Moscow from 216€
Barcelona to Moscow from 294€

Long Haul Flights to Russia from:
New York to Moscow.....540€
Toronto to Moscow.....647€
Tokyo to Moscow.....835€
Beijing to Moscow.....519€
Astana to Moscow from 216€
Delhi to Moscow from 399€

Direct Flights to Moscow from:
to Russia.....250€
France to Russia.....234€
Germany to Russia.....158€
USA to Russia.....469€
UK to Russia from 254€
Italy to Russia from 223€

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