Flights From Barcelona (Spain) to Moscow (Russia)

Barcelona has a good flight connection with Moscow with frequent daily flights between the two cities. There are six airlines offering direct connection: Aeroflot, Vueling, Ural Alirlines, Transaero, Iberia and VIM Airlines. The departure / arrival airports, times and flight duration can be found below:

Aeroflot: Barcelona Airport - Sheremetyevo (Departure: 11:50 & 16:55 &23:30 - Arrival: 19:00 & 00:10 & 06:55, Duration: 4h)

: Barcelona Airport - Domodedovo (Departure: 22:40 - Arrival: 06:05 Duration: 4h 25min)

Iberia: Barcelona Airport - Domodedovo (Departure: 22:40 - Arrival: 06:05 Duration: 4h 25min)

Transaero Airlines: Barcelona Airport - Domodedovo (Departure: 13:25 - Arrival: 21:05, Duration: 4h 40min)

Air Europa offer also flights to Moscow but the service is operated by Aeroflot, that means that you will fly with the same aircraft but is possible to find different prices between the two airlines. So b

If you cannot find any cheap airticket with the above direct airlines then you can try some connecting flights through European cities, some of the airlines that offer good connection (time & price) to Moscow and that we can suggest are: AirBaltic through Riga, AirBerlin through Dusseldorf, Alitalia through Rome, LOT through Warsaw, Belavia though Minsk, Turkish Airlines through Istanbul, SWISS though Zurich.

The average price for a one-way direct flight from Barcelona to Moscow is 100 EUR and for a connecting flight about 130 EUR. Please note the prices are always changing and the best you have to get a god offer is always to check in advance that prices are lower. Through our website you can use the +/-3 days option in the search form and you will be able to see prices for a 49 different combinations on your close-selected days.  

Please note all Spanish passport holders will need a visa to enter to Russia, you can issue your visa in a Russian embassy or at any specialized travel agent. Issuing a visa directly at the airport in Moscow is not an option, for more details please check the “Visa” section of our website.
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