Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME)

Address: Airport Domodedovo, Domodedovskiy District, Moscow Region, Russia 142015

Domodedovo is the largest and the most perspective airport in Russia. There is a four-star hotel complex and onboard catering service factory at the airport. The airport terminal has one common check-in area. International arrivals area is located in the left wing of the airport, while in the right one there are arrivals from Belarus and domestic arrivals area. Departures areas are organized in the similar way: domestic flights and flights to Belarus depart from the right wing while international destinations - from the left one. Passengers check-in at the islands located throughout the entire Terminal.

As well check-in kiosks of different airlines work where passengers can check-in themselves, as well as universal kiosks, which allow self-service check-in for the flights of different carriers. If the passenger has registered online, she has the possibility to check the luggage at the drop-off counter without queuing or at the regular counter. If you do not have luggage except for the hand luggage, you can proceed to formal procedures required before a flight.


The airport infrastructure is developed rather well. Restaurants and cafes are located throughout the airport in the public areas as well as in the clear ones. The largest part of them is situated on the II floor. You can choose from a variety of cafes with thematic cuisines of different countries and brands like "Chocoladnitsa", "Sbarro", "Subway" or "Elki-Palki" Most of the cafes work in self-service or fast-food modes. Snacks and drinks are sold in small shops selling newspapers at the I floor of the airport. The passengers can wait for their flights in the small blocks of chairs located on the II floor of the Terminal.

Useful information

There is a four star hotel "Airhotel" not far from the Domodedovo airport. It provides transfer services for passengers. It worth paying attention that the preflight security procedures for domestic flights and flights to Belorussia can be passed at the I and II floors of the right wing of the terminal. If you plan a trip beyond the limits of the Union State Russia-Belorussia you should complete the pre-flight formal procedures on the I and II floors of the left wing of the terminal. The passengers pass customs control procedures after the check-in.

Headquartered airlines

Air Bashkortostan, Globus, VIM Airlines, Moskovia, Kolavia, Russian Mynistry of Emergency Situations, Polet Airlines, Orenair, S7 Airlines, NordStar Airlines, Transaero, Tatarstan Air, Yamal Airlines, Ural Airlines.

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Detailed instruction on how to get to Domodedovo

You can get to Moscow Domodedovo airport from Moscow by taxi as well as by public transport. There are few start points: from subway station "Domodedovskaya"or from the terminal at the Paveletsky railway station (subway station "Paveletskaya")

You can choose the most convenient way to get to Domodedovo There are several main options:


Comfortable high-speed electric train. The train rides without stops on the route "Moscow-Paveletskaya" - "Domodedovo Airport" and "Domodedovo Airport" - "Moscow-Paveletskaya".

Travel time: 40 - 50 minutes

Electric train

 The train rides on the route "Moscow-Paveletskaya" - "Domodedovo Airport" and "Domodedovo Airport" - "Moscow-Paveletskaya" with all stops.

Travel time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Express buses

Comfortable buses Mercedes, Scania, Man ride without stops from the subway station "Domodedovskaya" directly to the airport.

Travel time: 25-30 minutes

Timetable: from 6.00 till 24.00

Departure: every 15 minutes

Minibus taxi

Runs between subway station "Domodedovskaya" and the airport.

Travel time: 25-30 minutes

Timetable: from 6.00 till 24.00

Departure: every 15 minutes

At night from 00.00 till 06.00 by the following timetable 00-00; 00-40; 01-20; 02-00; 02-40; 03-20; 04-00; 04-40; 05-20; 06-00.

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