Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO)

Address: Sheremetyevo International Airport, Khimki town, Moscow Region, Russia, 141400

Class "A" airport. It is situated in 28 km from Moscow. There are two take-off and landing strips. Handling capacity is 2100 passenger per hour. There are 5 terminals: B, C, D, E, F.

Terminal E is located in the northern part of Sheremetyevo Airport and it is mainly servicing business aviation boards, as well twenty two remote counters of Western sector of Terminal B serve the same purpose.

Terminal B is located to the West of Terminal A in the northern part of the airport as well. It is composed of two buildings: the departure hall and the arrivals hall. There is a landing pavilion located not far from the terminal B, which is well known by the name "wineglass" which it obtained thanks to it's unusual shape. There are 86 remote parking places in this terminal of airport. This places are divided: 22 - for business aviation and 5 - for cargo flights. Also 8 of which are used for Aeroflot aircrafts maintenance.

Terminal C is located next to Terminal B and maintains international flight services; there are 30 check-in counters, 36 passport control cabins and automatic three-stage system of luggage inspection. All of the six parking places of the terminal are equipped by telescopic walkways. The terminal is connected with multilevel parking for 1000 cars by the walking gallery.

Terminal D provides services for international airlines, the building is shaped like a swan, protecting passengers by its wings.

Additional terminal for international routes was opened in 2010. Terminal E provides services for international airlines. It has combined Terminal D and F and a unite system called South terminal complex. Complex is connected with the Aeroexpress railway station. All terminals of the complex are connected by walking galleries with travelators, which allow passengers easily move around the whole territory of the complex.

Terminal F includes airport equipped by telescopic walkways, hotel, area of the airport, maintenance platform and several industrial buildings. It is located next to the railway terminal and Terminal E and D. 15 parking places with telescopic walkways work here. Terminals are connected by the free bus travelling regularly between terminals B and E on the road inside the airport.


The following services are provided free of charge ate the territory of Sheremetyevo airport: mother-and-child rooms (II floor of the Departures hall in Terminal B), shuttle-bus, connecting South and North terminal, free Wi-Fi access, services for disabled passengers, luggage trolleys, weigh-in baggage and hand luggage. Passengers stay in waiting halls for free, transportation to and from airplanes as well as medical services is also free.

Luggage wrapping points are located: Terminal B - center of the waiting hall, Terminal C - special control zone, left and right wings, terminal D - III floor, center of Departures hall, terminal E - II floor Departures hall, Terminal F - II floor, next to the entrance and inspection points. In addition there are mobile points working 24 hours as well. If the luggage is authorized to be opened it will be packed again free of charge.

As well there are baggage rooms in the airport located in Terminal C, many shops and restaurants, bank offices, post office, tourist agencies and hotels. Orthodox Christians may pray in Resurrection of Christ church (between Terminal F and B), Archangel Mikhail chapel (Terminal C) and Saint Nicolas chapel (located in Terminal F)

Useful information

There is a special protective service which prevents children from getting lost in Sheremetyevo airport. A child gets a special bracelet, which is to help her get back to her parents.

It is recommended to pack the entire luggage by stretch wrap.

For entering Mother-and-Child room a passenger should present the ticket, the passport and the child medical certificate, which can be obtained in the medical services offices in terminal F, D and C.

Headquartered airlines

Aeroflot, Aerolimousine, Jet Air Group, Nordavia – Regional Airlines, Lukoil Avia, Nordwind Airlines. You can find airline tickets to any destination on our website. If there is no direct flight from the point of your departure to Moscow our system will offer convenient connection flights.

Detailed instruction on how to get to Sheremetyevo airport

Sheremetyevo airport recommends avoiding trips by Leningradskoe highway due to renovation of emergency part of the road and suggests bypass ways.

The road is narrowed to two ways in both directions. The exit from International trunk-way to Leningradskoe highway is open. The exit from MKAD to Leningradskoe highway is allowed for passenger cars.

Bypass ways

From the airport:

via Leningradskoe highway

via Starbeevo

via Khlebnikovo (recommended only at night)

To the airport

via Leningradskoe highway

via Starbeevo

via Khlebnikovo (recommended only at night)

Official ways offered by traffic police

1) 87th km of Leningradskoe highway, turn to Moscow large traffic ring road (Leningradsko-Dmitrovskoe direction) with the consequent movement around Dmitrov. After that - move on Dmitrovskoe highway until you reach 74th km from MKAD.

2) If you drive from Moscow district you reach 87th km of Leningradskoe highway, then turn to Moscow large traffic ring road (Leningradsko-Volokolamskoe direction), turn to M-9 highway "Baltia" and move until you reach MKAD.

3) 49th km Leningradskoe highway, turn to Moscow small traffic ring road (Leningradsko-Dmitrovskoe direction) turn to Dmitrovskoe highway at 47th km and move until you reach MKAD.

 4) If you drive from Moscow it is better to drive on MKAD and then turn to  M-9 highway "Baltia" or to  Dmitrovskoe highway.

By bus or by minibus taxi

Subway station "Rechnoy vokzal"

Express-bus 851C

From 6:30 till 20:30 every 20 min.

Duration: 30-40 min

Price - 28 rubles

Bus 851

From 5:35 till 00:49 every 9-30 min.

Duration: 40–50 min

Price - 28 rubles

Minibus taxis 949 and 200M

From 6:45 till 21:45

Duration: 30-50 min

Price - 70 rubles

Planernaya subway station

Bus 817

From 5:30 till 00:08 every 15-30 min.

Duration: 40–50 min

Price - 28 rubles

Minibus taxi 948

From 6:45 till 21:45

Duration: 40–70 min

Price - 70 rubles

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